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Dolce Vita Hotels

Dolce Vita Hotels is a collection of four family-run wellness retreats in South Tyrol, Italy

An oasis of wellbeing, Dolce Vita invites guests to enjoy one of the most comprehensive spa and wellness facilities in South Tyrol. With a combined 38 pools, 32 saunas, 28 rest rooms and 5 SkySpas, Dolce Vita leads the way to award-winning wellness, all positioned with a backdrop of the beautiful Tyrolean mountains.

Taking an innovative approach to South Tyrolean hospitality, when you book one Dolce Vita Hotel, you can enjoy the facilities of all four, free of charge with family-friendly and adults-only options available. Through their exclusive hotel hopping concept, whether it’s enjoying the region’s culinary delights in a choice of five gourmet restaurants, or basking in multiple infinity pools set against the backdrop of stunning mountain vistas, all the properties are just a short walk or drive away.