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About us

Lemongrass was formed almost 20 years ago as a bolder, brighter and better solution to travel PR. Since then, we’ve collaborated with some of the sector’s leading brands.

Travel PR with purpose

As an agency, we care about making travel meaningful and we thrive on working with clients who share this belief. Together, we create strategies that support them now and – most importantly – into their future.

We develop travel PR strategies based on data insights

Our approach is a combination of both “traditional” and digital travel PR, weaving together human insights with data. We help clients to truly understand their audiences, their competitors, and themselves - and then develop PR strategies based on those insights. This makes PR measurable and saves our clients time and money. We’ve built a team of experts in the travel sector, who can work independently and in collaboration with in-house teams for maximum ease and efficiency.

People and planet over profit

As advocates of healthy relationships between people and planet, we strive to make the difference in other ways, too. From choosing to base ourselves in a state-of-the-art eco office to embracing the four-day week (at full five day pay), donating 5% of our revenue in time to The Conscious Travel Foundation and working with carbon consultancy ecollective to become net zero by 2038 we’re naturally at home when we’re leading on change.

Certified Carbon Literate

We're thrilled to say our entire team is Certified Carbon Literate, underscoring our steadfast dedication to genuine sustainability. With us, you can trust in transparency and integrity, leaving behind any concerns of greenwashing or green hushing. You can find out more about the Carbon Literacy Project on their website.

B Corp

B Corp certification requires a B Impact Assessment score of 80+ points, Lemongrass are proud to say we passed with a mighty 96.2. Read more on our B Corp page.

Our team

The right PR partner will always be on your side and at your side. To succeed, you need the best team around you: those with expertise, understanding and innovation.


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