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Cheetah Plains

Getting an eco-safari brand in front of A-list media – with a limited budget.

Getting an eco-safari brand in front of A-list media – with limited budget

Cheetah Plains is a private game reserve, with sustainability and ecology at its heart. It’s one of South Africa’s only off-grid experiences: self-sufficient and secluded in breath-taking surroundings.

The problem? Their new, eco-friendly lodge opened just before the Covid-19 pandemic and remained little known in the UK market.

So far, so good. We’ve launched brands in new markets plenty of times before, with great success.

The challenge? The budget was extremely limited. After the pressures of launching and sustaining a travel brand through the onset of Covid-19, Cheetah Plains needed an effective but affordable approach.

That’s exactly what Lemongrass gave them – and the results speak for themselves.

Results – the highlights

  • Brand exposure to 62 A-list journalists, influencers, and TV producers.
  • 47 total hours of media pitching meetings.
  • Press trip opportunities with four luxury publications.
  • Relationships established with luxury media outlets.
  • Coverage in Town & Country.

The challenge

Three years after launching, the UK media still had very little awareness of Cheetah Plains. The environmentally friendly safari experience, the design-led off-grid accommodation, the private fleet of electric vehicles all fully charged by solar on property – nobody knew.

The brand wanted to be on the radar of relevant A-list publications, to reach their target audience: high net worth families.

The challenge came from their limited budget.

We knew we had to laser-focus our efforts, to expose the brand as much as possible, in the most efficient way we could.

So, we leaned on our expertise, our connections, and our ability to pitch.

Here’s how we did it

62 meetings with A-listers – in a single day.

How could we educate a high volume of A-list media representatives in one hit?

We knew what we had coming up in our calendar – and so, we represented Cheetah Plains at the annual Lemongrass press event.

For this to work, we needed to get to know Cheetah Plains’ offering well – and quickly.

The Lemongrass team led a brand immersion workshop – where we found out what really makes them tick, and why people choose Cheetah Plains. We came out understanding exactly what makes Cheetah Plains different from the competition.

Now, we were ready to pitch tailored stories and angles to the people we’d meet. We created a media briefing pack for Cheetah Plains, on hot topics that we knew journalists would want to cover: sustainable travel, wildlife conservation, family travel and cultural experiences.

One big day, one giant leap for brand awareness

Our press event went ahead on 12th October 2022, at Mortimer House in London.

We held over 60 one-to-one meetings with prominent people in the media. Journalists who contribute to top-tier publications, relevant influencers, as well as TV and radio producers – all in a single day. Leading up to the event, our team confirmed the attendance of A-list journalists and media personnel that we knew were interested in sustainability, wildlife conservation, and family travel.

Cheetah Plains was personally introduced to writers from Vogue, Tatler, Architectural Digest, Times LUXX, Financial Times, The Telegraph, House and Garden, Country and Town House, Forbes and Wanderlust.

This wasn’t a scattergun approach – each A-list travel and lifestyle writer got a personalised story and pitch, and an angle to work with. We didn’t pitch to anyone that it wouldn’t be relevant to, or that didn’t meet the client’s A-list criteria. This was a laser-focused effort, pulled off as efficiently as possible.

And it worked.

The results

The results are exactly what Cheetah Plains wanted; to get on the radar of A-list media.

From a combined 47 hours of meetings, we secured interest for press trips and reviews – from the likes of Tatler UK, Times LUXX, Country and Townhouse, Forbes, and Travel and Leisure. We got Cheetah Plains covered in Town and Country Magazine.

Plus, the client is now set up with personal contacts at publications they want to be featured in, and who want to feature them and can cultivate those relationships further themselves.

That’s how we managed to exceed our client’s expectations, even on a limited budget.

And we could do the same for you, too.

Struggling to cut through? Let’s talk

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