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Slow Adventure

Discovering the ideal audience and optimising launch strategy PR, based on data-driven customer insights and competitor research.

Data-driven audience and competitor insights, with content and PR strategy

Founded in 2022, Slow Adventure was the new kid on the block in the UK adventure travel market. Their new approach to regenerative travel had gathered interest from investors, as a way to travel and positively contribute to the economies they operate in.

Sustainability is everything to Slow Adventure. They seek to leave a net-positive impact on the places they rely on for business, and on the people who live there.

Nature and communities come first – and serve to enrich the travel experience by exposing visitors to real working communities, the living planet, and by helping to fund impact projects with every booking.

Their investors were excited. And we were excited to be working with them – a brand that embodies everything we love.

But we had a lot of work to do. And we had to get to it…

Results – the highlights

  • Launch audiences built from data.
  • Personas created based on insight from SEO and social listening tools.
  • Psychological motivations​ established for three target audiences.
  • Key messaging developed to reach these audiences.
  • Competitor research insights allowed effective brand positioning.
  • Translated data into an actionable plan.
  • Ongoing implementation of PR and influencer marketing strategy.

The challenge

Startup life is fast and Slow Adventure needed to quickly and accurately understand their audiences. Who should they target, and where?​

They wanted to get a better understanding of the competition. Who were their real competitors, and what were their customers like? They weren’t after basic demographics – they were looking for the values and passions of those customers, independent of demographics. ​

And they wanted to know what their competitors were doing for marketing, content, SEO and PR. ​

All this in an actionable plan, with an experienced partner to implement the PR strategy.

Here’s how we did it

We worked alongside the Slow Adventure team to help them understand their potential client base and what matters to them. Using software tools, social listening, and SEO insights, we showed them where their customers spend time online, and what messages would resonate with them in a powerful way.

All this informed their brand creative and resulted in strong branding – as well as a website built with the foundations of an SEO strategy, ready for launch.

We created a full audience insight report, looking at key audience personas.

In the end, we identified three core groups of audiences – all based around values and passions rather than outmoded demographics. From there we were able to identify key target lists of media and influencers to pitch to for launch.

The results

The results of our work have been transformational to Slow Adventure, and this phase of work was pivotal to the success of their brand launch.

Our work helped the client understand where it would sit in the market, and clearly outlined target consumer groups.

Here’s what Slow Adventure said about their experience with us:

"We wanted someone who had great data and could work with us in a collaborative way. Lemongrass has produced outstanding work on our target audiences, and given us insights into the competition – so we knew how to best position ourselves. They are experts in travel and great to work with. We recommend them highly".

It’s lovely to get feedback like that. And this was just the start.

We were then brought on to implement a successful PR launch for Slow Adventure, drawing from the detailed strategy documentation we created during our research phase.

Here’s to a long relationship with a brand we love.

Know your audience. Know your competition.

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