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A'ARU Collective

A’ARU Collective is a pioneering online booking platform set to change how luxury travellers book environmentally and socially responsible travel.

Proving that luxury travel and low impact can coexist, A’ARU Collective enables forward-thinking travellers to easily book luxury travel experiences with some of the world's most beautiful and sustainable hotels. Conscious travellers book safe in the knowledge that all hotels represented by A'ARU Collective have been scrutinised for their environmental and social credentials against the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

A’ARU Collective provides a solution for many who might not have the time or knowledge to research these sustainability credentials personally, but who earnestly want to make a difference and become better, more conscious travellers. With brands using sustainability as a simple box-ticking exercise, A’ARU Collective was created to showcase the best luxury travel brands. Properties with sustainability weaved into their DNA; and regenerative hotels that make a positive, tangible impact on the communities around them. This enables travellers to experience unparalleled luxury whilst leaving a positive impact on both the planet and local communities they experience.

Lemongrass is on board to dig deep into A'ARU Collective's target audience with insights and recommendations on content to broadcast their mission statement in the most effective way possible.