Revolutionising Travel PR

''You want to find new, high value customers for your travel brand, raise awareness and drive direct revenue. Read on.''

Digital vs Traditional  

Digital PR is not online coverage – it’s a completely new and emerging discipline. And we are the market leaders for digital PR in the travel space.

What are the benefits

Most travel PRs can get you great coverage. We make sure that coverage translates into high value and relevant SEO links. For you this means tangible and measurable PR results. Higher search rankings. Less reliance on PPC spend. Fewer agencies to manage. Time savings.

Do I have to choose between traditional and digital PR?

Our senior PR team are experts at delivering both traditional and digital PR strategies depending on your objectives. With us you don’t ever have to choose between a traditional or digital travel PR agency as we are both!

Data driven travel PR  

We use data to inform all of our campaigns and pitches. We then turn data into stories that we know journalists want to write about and link to. This means higher search rankings and more revenue for you.

How we measure travel PR impact

We have developed a real time reporting tool which tells you exactly which coverage has driven how much revenue, shares, likes, coverage, sentiment and links. This means you know exactly what you should be doing more of and what less of.

If you’d like to learn more about how to revolutionise your travel PR please contact Mirjam or call +44 1865 237990