Content Marketing & Social Media

''Good content is not storytelling. It’s telling your story well. And it results in commercial returns''

Travel content marketing is much more than blogs, magazine placements and guest posts.  

Social media is much more than driving clicks, likes and growing followers.  

In fact, we would argue that those are pointless metrics.  

How we approach content marketing and social media for travel 

We are creative content marketers that take an idea, opinion, story or data set and present it in a way that earns you links, earns you coverage, drives brand awareness, and online engagement for your travel brand naturally. All of which helps to boost your website’s authority. All of which helps to put your hotel, destination or tour operator in front of engaged consumers. All of which helps to convert a sale. 

Amplify content – find new travellers – take your brand to the next level 

Users now engage with Google, brands and websites via different methods including video, digital news, infographics, imagery, interactive assets and podcasts. Savvy travel marketers recognise the value of investing in this.  

We take your travel brand to the next level. We help you understand how your audience interacts and which channels they can be found on. Whether that’s on your blog, via social media, YouTube or Clubhouse – we create and optimise content to ensure your hotel, tour operator, destination or travel start up is in front of the right audience.   

Want to know more? Get in touch and talk to one of our travel content marketing and social media experts to find out how we take your travel brand to the next level, please contact Mirjam or call +44 1865 237990