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Lemongrass Annual Travel Trend Report 2024 - Overview

Published on By Tara Schwenk

Travel trends to watch in 2024 - The Ultimate Almanac. Here, we detail upcoming travel trends for 2024, with thanks to our contributors.

In 2024, the travel industry finds itself at a crossroads of responsibility and opportunity. Most destinations have recovered from Covid. Asia and South America are making a comeback.

However, as the world progresses towards a future defined by the need for sustainability it is essential that we consider the environmental and ethical implications that travel brings. Should we really still condone private jet travel? What are the implications of overtourism? Are cruise ships contributing anything positive to host communities? Do we need to start thinking of carbon budgets for travel?

As an industry, we must take a position and move from words to action.

On the other hand, there are many emerging consumer trends that show how travel can be a force for good and bring untold benefits to both travellers, host communities and the planet.

2024 is set to be a defining year — and here are the trends that will shape 2024...

  • Trend 1: The lasting effects of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Trend 2: Slow travel: Embracing purpose and community
  • Trend 3: Willingness to pay for sustainability - still a knowledge-action gap?
  • Trend 4: Accessible and inclusive tourism
  • Trend 5: Tiktok is here to stay - and it’s levelling the playing field
  • Trend 6: Rail Travel is going mainstream and nighttime routes are all the rage in Europe
  • Trend 7: The certification dilemma
  • Trend 8: The impacts of overtourism and consequences for travel itineraries
  • Trend 9: Travel implications born from Cost of Living Crisis
  • Trend 10: The revival of the staycation
  • Trend 11: AI and its impact on travel
  • Trend 12: Shoulder seasons are having a moment and carbon allowances could become a reality
  • Trend 13: Rewilding and citizen science - How tourism can support ecosystem restoration
  • Trend 14: The future of wellness - hyperpersonalised, holistic and growing exponentially

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