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Launching a travel brand takes ambition, insight and big ideas – and we can help make it happen.

For a fledgling brand, PR, content and audience insight can feel complex. With so much to do at once, how can you know what to expect, or where you should channel your energy?

Startup survival is all about setting priorities and finding a trustworthy partner to lean on. Someone that can offer well-timed and well-informed advice, who won’t expect you to have all the answers. Someone that shares your values and ethos, and understands your market.

A trustworthy partner

It’s this unwavering support that our startup clients find so valuable. We’ve got a wealth of knowledge in doing this the right way, and we’re always happy to share it. We can advise on the best steps to take for your individual goals, both in person and through guides and webinars. Flexibility is also at our core. As you grow and evolve, and your needs change, you’ll get the best results from a partner that will adapt with you.

We know that working with an agency like ours is a big investment in your future. As a team, we have extensive experience in helping travel sector startups to grow, meaning that you can feel confident we’ll form a gateway to success.

Startup with Lemongrass

Launch and grow your travel brand, with our in-house experts at your side. Get in touch to get started.