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Social Media and Influencer Marketing Springboard

An 8-week programme that is your key to influencer and social media marketing success.

You will gain the tools you need for long-term success and effective influencer partnerships, allowing you to upskill your team, plan your social content and host relevant influencers with guidance from the Lemongrass digital marketing experts.

Spread over 4 modules and delivered via collaborative workshops, you’ll find out what is and isn’t working for your audience, what content to prioritise, what gaps your competitors are leaving for you to fill, how to measure your success in the long term, and which influencers will work for your travel brand.

Our programme is designed specifically for brands who find themselves answering yes to any of these questions:

  • Do you struggle to prioritise social media marketing due to time constraits?
  • Are you unsure of what content is performing well and how to capture it?
  • Do you receive influencer requests but don’t know how to evaluate or effectively collaborate?
  • Do you want to host influencer trips but don’t know where to start?
  • Are you unsure what to measure to grow your social media following and engagement?

What do you get?

  • Content Audit of one social channel
  • Competitor analysis
  • Defined SEO optimised content pillars to plan your ongoing content around
  • Best-in-class content lookbook for inspiration
  • Content Calendar outlining output for 6 months
  • Style guide aligned with your brand guidelines
  • KPI’s to measure ongoing success
  • Influencer target list aligned with content pillars
  • Influencer trips aligned with your brand goals

Why choose our Springboard?

One Price - no ongoing financial commitment

Upskill your team to market your brand powerfully on Social Media

Outcomes aligned with your brand goals

Defined and measurable goal-setting

Data-driven content insights

Influencer trips to drive engagement with your brand

6-month report and check-in to track your progress

Module 1 - Audit and Strategy

We take a deep dive into your existing Social Media marketing output, and look into what your competitors are having success with. All this is collated to form your social media strategy document, giving you a roadmap of how best to tell your brand’s story in a way that resonates with your social-first audience. We’ll examine what’s worked, what’s not and why, and identify competitor gaps that you can capitalise on, all backed up by rich data. We’ll also draw up a set of measurable KPIs to keep your Social Media output on the straight and narrow.

Module 2 - Content Pillars

Following your Social Media audit we will know where gaps in your content lie, and the opportunities for you to expand your reach that your competitors are overlooking.

With this in mind, we will craft you a set of key themes to focus on, this enables you to consistently communicate your brand story, in an SEO-optimised way to your growing audience. It will also define how we approach the Influencer module of your programme. We will then examine best-in-class brands to highlight how they are crafting content that aligns with your content pillars as inspiration for your ongoing work.

Module 3 - Assets and Calendar

With your newly crafted social media strategy and agreed weighting of your content pillars, we will produce a content calendar, to give you a framework for posting to best deliver your strategy, with content ideas and messaging mapped out for the following six months. We will also set up your premium Canva Account with your branding and provide you with a style guide to ensure brand continuity across all content and platforms going forward.

Module 4 - Influencers

We will take the guesswork out of Influencer marketing for you, with a curated list of social-first creators. Each will be selected for their content style, audience demographic and alignment with your content pillars. Once you’ve selected your favourites we will outreach and activate three influencer visits to amplify your brand ideology, leveraging the reach and trust of their tailored audience to grow your social following and generate new social-first content that exemplifies your brand.

Timelines and Pricing

One time £6,500 (+VAT) flat project fee, with flexible invoicing options through the running of your 8-week project.

"The influencers were excellently curated to appeal to a range of audiences and provided a variety of different content styles that expertly showcased the property. We were thrilled with the deliverables from each of the influencers, who posted above and beyond and resulted in outreach that exceeded expectations. SCHLOSS Roxburghe saw in an increase in social followers and engagement as a direct result"

Isabel A. Carosi - Director of Marketing & Communications - SCHLOSS Roxburghe

Ready to dive in?

With space limited on our Summer and Autumn programmes, get in touch today to begin your Springboard journey to elevate your social channels and influencer partnerships.

Email for a discovery call and to reserve your space.


Who is this for?

Travel brands and properties who want to remove the guesswork from their social media marketing efforts and gain a greater understanding of what they can do to optimise their social media output. We know that in small and overstretched marketing teams Social Media marketing can be put on the backburner, so this programme gives you all the tools you need to help the efficiency of your ongoing social media marketing objectives.

How is the course delivered?

Over 8 weeks we will have virtual workshops at the end of Weeks 4, 6 and 8 to deliver the outcomes of each of your modules. These sessions are designed to be collaborative to give your team the knowledge to use our findings in the most effective way possible.

What do I need to do to begin?

Get in touch! We have limited availability on our Summer and Autumn programmes, with start dates catered to you. Once we’ve got you on board we run a one-hour virtual brand immersion workshop to discover your brand's essence, identify your target audience, highlight your unique selling points, and get under the skin of what stories will captivate a social-first audience. Then we load up your social profiles and get stuck in!

What happens once we’ve finished the course?

We will schedule a call at the 6-month mark to give you a roundup of how your new social content has performed, catch up on how you’ve found the strategy has worked internally, review your KPIs, and hear about your influencer trips. It will also be a chance for you to ask questions, and see if we can offer further support on your Social Media marketing goals.

Can my entire team attend?

Absolutely! We want your whole team to feel the benefit of the Springboard programme, so will deliver the four modules to whoever you feel will get the most out of the course, whether that’s those implementing your content or senior leadership who want to learn more about the mechanics of Social Media marketing.