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Team benefits

Team benefits

As a close-knit agency, our team is hugely important to us. Creating the right kind of culture is a key part of our shared success, and we achieve this in many ways.

We want every member of the Lemongrass team to flourish – after all, when you’re doing well, we’re all doing well. We prioritise learning, development and knowledge sharing, and encourage everyone to contribute to making us a truly forward thinking and innovative organisation.

Four-day week

For us, productivity is all about balance. We’re the UK’s first travel PR agency to introduce the four-day week. This means that our team members receive 100% of their pay for 80% of the time, while offering 100% productivity.

This allows us to create a little more space in the working week for everyone to rest, refresh and reinvigorate. Studies have shown that happier, healthier staff are more productive and more creative. We’ve found that our clients have benefited too, with our net promoter scores going up since making the change.

A shorter week has a positive impact in other ways, including improving our sustainability. Working one day less means less travelling into the office, a smaller digital carbon footprint, and more time and headspace for employees to make more sustainable choices in their lives.

Eco office

Our working environment has a real effect on our output and overall wellbeing, and that’s why we’ve chosen an eco-friendly co-working office as Lemongrass HQ.

We’re based in the Perch Eco Business Centre, sharing a creative space with a range of like-minded businesses.

Private health insurance

We help our team take good care of themselves with a comprehensive health insurance package. This includes private dentistry, mental health cover and alternative therapies, so that you can always find the right support for you, at any time.


It’s proven that creative minds work to their own clock. Some find the strongest inspiration at 8am, whereas others prefer to shift their whole day back by a couple of hours. Equally, life can also intervene – perhaps it’s a must-do morning run, a quick post office run, or the daily school run.

Because we’re all different, we embrace flexible working and find freedom from the nine-to-five. This means shaping your day to suit you, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance. And, if you’re based further afield, we’re happy to talk about carving out a hybrid approach to create a weekly schedule that suits everyone.

B Corp

We have a strong, values-driven culture and are on the way to achieving B Corp certification. In this, we’ll be joining a community of companies that use the incredible power of business as a force for good.

The B Corp aim is to create a sustainable and inclusive economy by reducing poverty and inequality, and creating high-quality jobs and a healthier environment. Working within the travel industry, we’re keen to tackle its carbon intensity and instead harness its positive power: to enrich lives and grow our understanding, making the world a better place.

Other benefits

You’ll also have access to a range of other employee benefits, such as four paid volunteering days each year, and a day’s extra holiday on your birthday. We also take plenty of opportunities to spend time together on an ad hoc basis, with team lunches and social events.

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