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Mirjam Peternek-McCartney

Trusted by the most respected names within travel, Mirjam has over 20 years’ experience in travel PR.

Mirjam founded Lemongrass 16 years ago, prompted by a desire to create meaningful change in travel communications. Her bold vision has led Lemongrass to evolve an entirely new approach within the industry; combining the best of PR, through creativity and storytelling, with the strategic power of data insights.

Since then, she has advised a plethora of travel brands from tour operators, safari lodges and wellness retreats such as andBeyond and Lanserhof to independently owned hotels and global tourism boards including New York City, Hawaii, and the Seychelles.

Mirjam is known and respected for her tailored, results-driven mindset. As one of the industry’s leading figures, she’s regularly invited to speak at global travel events (including Pure, T Fest and TTG Luxury Travel Summit) and as a guest on industry podcasts. She also partners with The Conscious Travel Foundation to undertake pro bono work and free training in PR, content marketing and sustainable marketing for small, sustainable travel brands.

Her lifelong interest in travel and culture has informed many of the decisions she’s made – from a Master’s degree in Italian, English and German Literature to working in India and on Italy’s Amalfi Coast. Combining natural curiosity and a constant drive to do more for people and planet, Lemongrass is has recently gained B Corp status. Furthermore, Mirjam is a Goldman Sachs Alumna at Oxford University, her experience of which has guided Lemongrass to become one of the earliest adopters in travel of the four-day working week.