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Maddi Howell

With a solid background in digital PR and SEO, Maddi is an account manager at Lemongrass, utilising her expertise to support on both traditional and digital PR activity for a range of hotel, tour operator and tourism board clients.

Before joining Lemongrass Maddi worked in SEO and Digital PR at Verve Search and later Digitaloft. Maddi is a seasoned Digital Travel PR pro and has worked with a number of travel and lifestyle brands on their digital PR strategy, including loveholidays, Hayes & Jarvis, and Weddingsonline. Through her link-building experience, Maddi has secured coverage in top-tier publications, such as The Guardian, Cosmopolitan and The Independent.

In her current role at Lemongrass, Maddi is responsible for overseeing client ideation sessions and assists with the conceptualisation of digital PR campaigns. She looks after several tourism board clients, such as Cascais, Vienna and Slovenia, as well as hotels such as Hotel Santa Caterina.

Outside of work, Maddi enjoys exploring new restaurants in London, attending concerts, and spending time on the Devon coast. With a passion for travel, she has visited several exciting destinations and is keen to tick Havana and Chefchaouen off her bucket list.