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Julie Heinisch

As an Account Executive, Julie is responsible for implementing successful PR and communications strategies for our travel clients including the Athenaeum, Sensoria Dolomites, It Mallorca, Sheldon Chalet and the Langham Hospitality Group.

Prior to Lemongrass, Julie (she/her) was a journalist and social media editor for travel publications The Glass Magazine and LoveEXPLORING. Originally from Luxembourg Julie is fluent in English, German, French and Luxembourgish.

Alongside her responsibilities as a PR account executive, Julie works on backlink audits for clients such as Cape of Senses and Sensoria Dolomites, and audience insights projects for clients such as Gravetye Manor and Sheldon Chalet.

In her free time, Julie can be found reading a good book, cooking up a new veggie recipe or planning her next adventure. Julie has been fortunate enough to travel her whole life, visiting destinations around the world including Bali, Peru and Iceland. Her passions lie with sustainable travel, making sure people can discover the beauty of the world without harming it.

What is a Carbon Commitment?

At Lemongrass, we advocate for carbon pledges, personal commitments to reduce emissions within our organisation. We believe in collective efforts to combat climate change and aim to achieve net zero by 2038. Each team member has pledged specific actions to reduce carbon emissions, reinforcing our shared commitment to sustainability and bringing us closer to our net zero goal. You can find out more about carbon literacy at the Carbon Literacy Project website.

Julie's Carbon Commitments:

  • Advocate for meat-free lunches during work lunches.
  • Prioritising only targeted email communication to reduce unnecessary data transmission and storage.
  • Emphasis on sustainable travel practices internally and externally.
  • Endeavour to educate clients and share new learnings on environmental topics.