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Jo McConnell

Jo is a seasoned PR and Communications professional with over 20 years’ experience in global lifestyle communications, working across multiple sectors.

Jo's experienced, informed and considered approach ensures that she achieves great results that make a business difference.

Jo (she/her) works across the whole team, offering strategic campaign advice with a sprinkling of creative direction along the way.

Jo has an immense black book: There’s not often someone that she hasn’t come across during her expansive career and she constantly seeks to collaborate and connect her network of industry contacts to bring inspired features, partnerships and activations to life for Lemongrass clients.

Her home life revolves around managing a family of two teenagers, the family dog, husband and a house renovation. A travel obsessive, she is currently planning a long awaited trip to Isla Holbox and closer to home, a family trip to Dublin and Donegal to discover her ancestral and ‘very Celtic’ roots.

What is a Carbon Commitment?

At Lemongrass, we advocate for carbon pledges, personal commitments to reduce emissions within our organisation. We believe in collective efforts to combat climate change and aim to achieve net zero by 2038. Each team member has pledged specific actions to reduce carbon emissions, reinforcing our shared commitment to sustainability and bringing us closer to our net zero goal. You can find out more about carbon literacy at the Carbon Literacy Project website.

Jo's Carbon Commitments:

  • Reduce the carbon footprint of our food intake. Around 14% of all emissions come from meat and dairy production, so it’s imperative that we minimise meat and dairy consumption and choose alternative meat free - or vegan- options.
  • Switch to LED lighting at home and in my garden office. It’s a no brainer. LED lighting achieves energy savings of 50-70%+, is made of non-toxic materials and is 100% recyclable.
  • Turn off turn off turn off! With teenagers and a very active home office there are an embarrassing number of screens in my world. Not only is it good for the planet it’s good for our peace of mind.