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Isabel Turner-Hicks

With over a decade of experience in print and digital editorial, marketing and social media for both consumer and B2B titles, Isabel brings a journalistic eye to her role as an Account Manager at Lemongrass.

Originally trained as a magazine journalist at the Cardiff School of Journalism, Isabel (she/her) has written for (and edited) titles in the wedding, beauty and lifestyle space, including Wedding Ideas and Muddy Stilettos. She's also turned her hand to everything from email marketing and social media management to SEO and influencer outreach, giving her a portfolio of skills to put to use on her work with hotels and tourism boards at Lemongrass.

In her spare time Isabel likes whipping up vegan recipes she's seen on Instagram, playing board games, exploring Oxfordshire with her son and planning her next family skiing trip (ideally to her favourite place in the world, Banff).

What is a Carbon Commitment?

At Lemongrass, we advocate for carbon pledges, personal commitments to reduce emissions within our organisation. We believe in collective efforts to combat climate change and aim to achieve net zero by 2038. Each team member has pledged specific actions to reduce carbon emissions, reinforcing our shared commitment to sustainability and bringing us closer to our net zero goal. You can find out more about carbon literacy at the Carbon Literacy Project website.

Isabel's Carbon Commitments:

  • Investing in an electric car in 2024, only commuting to our eco-office once a week and avoiding needless work-related travel when remote working is just as effective.
  • Continuing to commit to a vegan lifestyle, only providing plant-based options when I am sourcing food for journalists or co-workers during travel or meetings and highlighting vegan restaurants wherever possible for pitches.
  • Massively reducing unnecessary emails and keeping communications to Teams wherever possible.
  • Filling in our carbon-tracking spreadsheet to get an accurate idea of each team member’s carbon footprint so that Lemongrass can commit to reducing our overall emissions year on year.