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Ben Thornton-Harwood

A social media specialist, Ben uses his passion for storytelling to deliver story-led content, allowing brands to capture the attention of digital audiences, and keep them engaged for the long term.

Ben (he/him) started out as a journalist, freelancing for Shortlist Magazine, covering travel and sport, before transferring his writing skills to social media, which was emerging as a new player in the marketing ecosystem.

Working both in-house and agency side as a social media specialist he was tasked with creating and implementing social strategy for some of Instagram’s hottest hotels, including Giraffe Manor, Cobblers Cove, The Oetker Collection and The Lowell, New York. He has worked extensively with influencers and creators to produce content for brands to expand their online presence in a meaningful, organic way.

In his current role, Ben is responsible for auditing brands' social presence, before devising social strategies that grow audiences and deliver thumb-stopping content. He also leads on influencer relations and activations, and is the man behind our own social channels, curating our feeds, and keeping the team and clients in the loop with the latest social trends and developments.

As a former professional baker, Ben is always delighted to nerd out about sourdough fermentation and is certifiably pizza-obsessed. Self-described as a chionophile, he is happiest in the mountains with a board strapped to his feet, a beard full of snow, and a soundtrack of 90’s hip-hop.

What is a Carbon Commitment?

At Lemongrass, we advocate for carbon pledges, personal commitments to reduce emissions within our organisation. We believe in collective efforts to combat climate change and aim to achieve net zero by 2038. Each team member has pledged specific actions to reduce carbon emissions, reinforcing our shared commitment to sustainability and bringing us closer to our net zero goal. You can find out more about carbon literacy at the Carbon Literacy Project website.

Ben’s Carbon Commitments:

  • Improve digital hygiene by minimising the use of emails, and GIF imagery in correspondence and blog output. I will also ensure quarterly that I am unsubscribed from the myriad of spam and email marketing lists which produce masses of digital waste.
  • When organising group and influencer trips ensure that travel arrangements are as low-carbon as possible. This will include opting for train travel and pairing up properties to make the most of the mileage covered by those we are running activations with.
  • Only choosing to work with Influencers and Content Creators who we know align with our carbon pledge ideals. Anyone who we can see going out of their way to take unnecessary flights, or travelling by private jet will be ruled out of any activations or collaborations we’re implementing.
  • Include sustainably focussed, educational messaging into 25% of our social media output, whether this be shouting out a client’s sustainability journey and ethos, or sharing snippets of what we have learned at recent industry events the team have attended.