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Alexandra Liste

With over 10 years’ experience working in marketing and communications, Alex is a PR professional with an eye for a good media story, which has led her to build a strong portfolio of coverage for clients over the years spanning broadcast, radio, podcast, social, national newspapers and glossy magazines.

Alex (she/her) has worked on campaigns for some of the largest and best-known tourism boards and hotel names, from The Spanish Tourist Office to Small Luxury Hotels of the World. Specialising in destination travel communications, Alex has secured coverage for tourism boards across top-tier publications such as The Telegraph, National Geographic, BBC, with stories that goes behind the curtain of the destination and show the many different facets of the city or country.

Alex is responsible for creating and implementing successful communication strategies that deliver great results. She leads on idea development for pitching topics and stories for her clients that go beyond just news announcements, looking at data alternatives, content rich stories that show a different side of the client and profiling and interviews – having secured interviews for clients in publications including BBC News, Sky News, and BBC Radio Four.

She has also organised over 250 press trips for clients over the years, for both press and content creators. This experience helps her successfully secure quality press trips for clients each year and allows her to advise and work alongside clients to tailor itineraries that will result in the best possible coverage.

Outside of work, Alex is usually reading through the pages of Lonely Planet travel guides planning detailed itineraries for future travels (she is looking forward to being able to tick off some big destinations such as Canada and Japan off her bucket list soon). When she is not travelling, she is either on her guitar, on a dog walk in the Oxfordshire countryside or having a board game day.

What is a Carbon Commitment?

At Lemongrass, we advocate for carbon pledges, personal commitments to reduce emissions within our organisation. We believe in collective efforts to combat climate change and aim to achieve net zero by 2038. Each team member has pledged specific actions to reduce carbon emissions, reinforcing our shared commitment to sustainability and bringing us closer to our net zero goal. You can find out more about carbon literacy at the Carbon Literacy Project website.

Alex’s carbon commitments:

  • Taking steps towards a plant based diet at home with added consideration to seasonal products.
  • Commit to always choosing the most sustainable option for my travelling, train travel where this is a possibility.
  • Considerations on trip itineraries that we organise, to include: promoting train alternatives to flights and educating on the carbon savings of these changes, encouraging our clients to incorporate restaurants or menus that are plant-based, and working with attractions or activities that are doing something positive for society or the environment.
  • Bringing learnings into client conversations and sharing relevant information as part of an education process. Using our impactful change section of our monthly calls to chat openly about potential changes that can help reduce all of our carbon footprints.
  • Having sustainability and carbon budgets become a part of my regular conversations with the Lemongrass team, highlighting how it is a part of the Lemongrass DNA.