Top Tips for planning a marcomms budget for post Covid-19 times for adventure and wellness travel brands

Travel brands: How to plan a marketing budget post Covid-19

Written by Lemongrass Marketing on 15th Apr 2020

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Lemongrass Marketing is launching a series of webinars for outdoor, adventure and wellness travel brands. The webinars will help travel brands to better understand how they can future proof their marketing plans during times of unprecedented change and with much smaller budgets available post COVID-19.

“Customer journeys in a digital age have fundamentally changed. Travel brands need to understand what that change means for them and what they need to do to future proof their marketing, communications and content plans”, says Lemongrass Marketing CEO Mirjam Peternek-McCartney. “Many of our clients are faced with smaller marketing budgets post COVID-19 and have asked how they can make the most of their budget to reach the right kind of traveller with the right message at the right time. Our webinars will address that challenge and teach strategies to achieve just that.”

The webinars will address questions such as:

The free webinars will launch on Wednesday, 22 April at 9am GMT with ‘Future proof your travel brand in a digital first age and understand the changing customer journey to grow revenue’. Travel brands wishing to attend the webinars can register here

Lemongrass Marketing advises travel brands on their global content marketing, communications, sales, social and digital strategies. The agency specialises in digital transformation and customer journeys for a digital age. Lemongrass Marketing supports travel brands with budget planning and acts as a complete outsourced digital marketing, communications, social and content team.

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