Lemongrass Press Day 2022

12th October - Mortimer House, London

After a two year break, we are really excited that Lemongrass Press Day is making a comeback for 2022. Established as a firm “must attend date”, amongst A list journalists, travel podcasters, TV producers, radio journalist and credible influencers. This year – for the first time – we are opening it up to a limited number of travel brands that are not yet clients of ours.

On the day travel brands will be represented by us in front of over 60 key UK travel, wellness, food, lifestyle, design and trade journalists. It is an opportunity for travel brands to future proof their PR for 2023: to get their brand in front of media, secure press trips and be put forward for upcoming features.

This is an exclusive event: We are allowing a limited number of 10 travel brands to join our clients for this press day.

To register your interest in taking part in the day and to receive further information when released please sign up here:


“We secured lots of press trips for the year ahead”

Hamburg Tourism

“Great way of putting our brand in front of the UK’s leading journalists and booking in top-tier press trips for the upcoming year”


Press Day FAQ’s

What do I need to provide to take part?

We do the hard work for you, you just need to provide us with the insider knowledge of the brand. We do the rest in our 5 step process:


We will book in a one-hour virtual brand immersion workshop, to find out what your brand stands for, understand who your target audience is, work through your USP’s and tease out the stories that we know the media will be interested in.

Media library

You will share with us your images, videos, fact sheets and any other press material you have on file. From this we’ll create a media library for you that we’ll share with the journalists.


We will create an interactive brand story book for all participating brands. This will include story angles that the media is interested in such as sustainability, design, active, family, outdoor, food or wellness. We know what interests the media.

The big day

On the day we will meet with over 60 media on your behalf. We’ll pitch you to the best A-list newspaper and magazine editors, TV production companies, podcasters and quality influencers to secure press trip and coverage opportunities.


You will receive a full post event report with details of the media we spoke to on your behalf, any press trip opportunities, and specific interest we have secured for 2023. We will follow up personally with every journalist that attended and include your brand and information. For journalists who would like to arrange a media visit we will make personal introductions to you. You will also receive a trend report so you can plan package and pitches for 2023 that will resonate with the media.

What if I don’t have any news?

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be new or re-opening to get the media’s attention. Our PR team are experts in finding news where you think there may be none. We use our experience and media knowledge, layered with data from the likes of Google Trends to create news for you – we won’t be asking you to come up with new packages! Read more here about how we do this for our clients.

Do I need to be there on the day?

No. Journalists are limited on time and want to cover 100’s of topics in the space of just 30 minutes. The best way for us to pitch your brand most effectively is to meet with each journalist so we can find out what they are interested in and tailor the information we share with them accordingly. We will be talking about multiple clients to one journalist – as this is how they like it and the most efficient way for us to do that, is with our own experienced PR team. Plus it saves you travel costs!


See our previous Press Day here:

If you would like to take part in our press day please contact abi@lemongrassmarketing.com, we would love to hear from you.