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Media week

Media week

Your brand has remarkable stories to tell. Let us help you find the contacts who need to hear them.

Every year in autumn, we hold one of travel PR’s top events

Sitting at the top of the “to-attend” list for many in the media, it’s our chance to introduce our clients and potential clients to the very best of our press contacts.

A-List journalists, travel podcasters, television producers and carefully selected influencers – we touch base with them all and spend time exploring the stories that they want to tell. It’s an opportunity for travel brands to future-proof their PR for the coming year: to be seen by the right media, to secure press trips, and to get on the radar for upcoming features. Best of all, it’s an entirely carbon neutral event.

We take care of all the arrangements

We take care of all the arrangements, so all you need to do is provide us with inside knowledge of your brand. If you’re a long-standing client, we’re likely to have extensive understanding of this already, but if you’re a new or potential client, we’ll work with you to gather what we need.

Immersion workshop

First, we’ll book in a one-hour virtual brand immersion workshop, to uncover what your brand stands for and who your target audience is. We’ll work through your USPs and tease out the stories that we know the media will be interested in. Then, from files and materials that you provide, we’ll create a media library that we’ll share with the journalists.

Interactive story book

After this, we’ll create an interactive brand story book. This will include story angles that we know the media is interested in, such as sustainability, design, active, family, outdoor, food or wellness.

We meet with media on your behalf

During the week, we’ll travel to meet with the media on your behalf. We’ll pitch you to top-tier newspaper and magazine editors, television production companies, podcasters and quality influencers to secure press trips and coverage opportunities.

Saving you time and money

Because we’ll be representing you, this is where you sit back and let us lead. We arrange it this way because – as well as saving you valuable time and travel – it’s how the press prefer it. Journalists like to make the most of their time by covering dozens of topics in a half-hour conversation. The best way for us to pitch your brand is to meet with each, so that we can find out what they’re interested in and tailor the information we share.

Full report with opportunities

Following the event, we’ll pass on a full report including details of who we spoke to, any press trip opportunities, and the specific interest we’ve secured. We’ll follow up personally with every journalist we visited, and include your brand and information. If any of our contacts would like to arrange a media visit, we’ll make personal introductions to you. We’ll also produce a trend report so that you can plan media-friendly packages and pitches for the year.

Sounds good?

If you’d like to take part in our next press day, please contact Abi to register your interest.