A Day in the Life of a PR Account Manager at Lemongrass

Read on to discover what a typical Monday might look like:

Written by Ellena Johnstone on 27th Feb 2019

When it comes to PR, the cliché is true: no two days are ever the same. As an Account Manager at Lemongrass, I love being part of a thriving and fast-paced industry, but in a role that changes with every new technology, media and trend, it can be hard to pin down exactly what being an Account Manager entails at a luxury travel PR and Sales firm like Lemongrass.

Read on to discover what a typical Monday might look like:


Arriving at work nice and early gives me time to make coffee plan my to-do list for the day ahead, and action any urgent emails. Working across multiple clients here at Lemongrass, being organised and able to prioritise is key.


First thing on a Monday, I join the team to go through the weekend papers. More than just a leisurely flick through the supplements, this meeting is a crucial opportunity for us to spot trends, familiarise ourselves with new journalists and – the best bit – to see coverage we’ve secured for our clients in print! Each week, everyone brings a new publication along – a great way to expand our media horizons (and feed our insatiable appetite for magazines…)


It’s time for (more) coffee and emails. The media world is constantly moving and last minute requests are a way of life. TravMedia is a platform for journalists to request information they need from PR professionals, so I monitor these alerts constantly and respond to any my clients fit into. Speed is key here; I need to reply within one hour of the request being sent in order to be noticed.


Once a week, the whole team will gather for our Company Meeting. Our busy travel schedules mean we rarely all get to sit down together, so these meetings are where we assess the week ahead, share updates on projects we’re working on and, excitingly, it’s where we find out if any new PR or Sales clients will be joining Lemongrass!


Targeted pitches. Lots of them. Writing concise, effective pitch copy that will catch journalists’ attention is a vital skill for an Account Manager. At Lemongrass we know that shorter, highly targeted pitches get the best uptake, so I spend time tailoring everything I write to that specific journalist. Whether it’s remembering to ask after their beloved pet dog, or simply referencing an article they wrote recently, the little details count here, and it’s these targeted pitches that will get my clients noticed.


It’s lunchtime! One of the perks of working in PR is the constant supply of glossy magazines for lunchtime reading. Staying on top of current affairs and trends is vital – I never know where I’m going to spot that ‘hook’ for my clients.


I work across several clients here at Lemongrass, so regular conference calls are vital to stay in touch and keep communication channels open. With clients spread across different countries and time zones, this can be challenging! Finding thirty minutes for that Skype session is so important, and I love sitting down to talk to my clients – hearing their latest news, discussing strategy and hearing their thoughts on that latest bit of coverage. Somehow the conversation always turns to the weather, and how lovely and sunny it is over there in Mauritius, Italy or even Munich, compared to Oxford.


Organising group press trips and individuals visits for journalists is a big part of my role. From helping my clients to craft the perfect itinerary, to selecting the right media, bloggers and social influencers to attend, it’s a time-consuming process but so rewarding when you see that coverage start coming in!


Emails pop up in my inbox continuously throughout the day, but it’s important to carve out time for maintaining journalist relations. I try to regularly call my core contacts with news, or pitch a story based on a current trend, to make sure my clients are at the forefront of their minds at all times. About twice a month, I’ll also head to London for a full day of media meetings or to attend an industry networking event – you just can’t beat face-to-face time (drinks and canapés always help).


As the working day draws to a close, I make sure to have a final check on progress across all of my clients. This might include finishing off a press release, sending off a pitch, finalising a press trip for a journalist, or discussing recent coverage with a client.


Before I leave the office, I like to organise my schedule for the next day. Planning ahead is the only way to stay on top in this quick-moving industry, plus it’s always an excuse to indulge my love of good stationery.

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