Slow Adventure

Slow Adventure is one of the most exciting sustainable travel start-ups of 2022.

By travelling with Slow Adventure, visitors bring about positive change as all bookings support small, rural communities and help to regenerate their natural spaces. Through the Slow Adventure Impact Fund a percentage of every booking goes directly to supporting regeneration projects in the area local to that adventure.

Slow Adventure destinations include Scotland, Sweden, Ireland, Iceland and Finland – with more destinations to come soon. Travellers can choose from a wide range of activities such as, foraging, sailing, ice fishing and wild camping to name just a few.


Cooking over a fire while camping. Using traditional methods. Norway. Copyright Thea Hermansen Traditional-cabin-in-a-Finnish-national-park.-A-place-to-rest-for-the-night-while-on-a-canoeing-journey.-Copyright-Thea-Hermansen-scaled. Fishing-for-supper-on-a-Scottish-island.-Copyright-Thea-Hermansen.jpg Guide-and-chef-making-an-outdoor-lunch-for-guests-in-Sweden.-Copyright-Slow-Adventure-Ltd.jpg
Sailing-off-the-west-coast-of-Scotland.-Guest-takes-the-helm-as-the-sun-goes-down.-Copyright-Thea-Hermansen.jpg Sharing-a-fun-time-together-ice-fishing.-Learning-new-skills-and-catching-supper.-Copyright-Slow-Adventure-Ltd.jpg Time-to-stop-and-observe-the-skies-while-on-and-adventure.-Copyright-Thea-Hermansen-scaled.jpg Canoeing into the sunset in one of Finlands national parks

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