Lanserhof (Germany, Austria and UK)

Germany's super-swanky digestive-health spa


Lanserhof has been setting standards in modern medicine for over 30 years and is a unique institution for prevention and health regeneration worldwide. The origin of the Lanserhof Concept lies in Lans / Tyrol and was created in years of research and development work by Lanserhof doctors and therapists. The symbiosis of traditional naturopathy and the latest medical findings and high-end diagnostics is unique and remains constantly innovative.

Lanserhof Tegernsee opened in 2014 – framed by the Bavarian foothills of the Alps and surrounded by beautiful nature, guests find a place of tranquillity and the unique architectural design is by award-winning architect Christoph Ingenhoven. Lanserhof Tegernsee has been acclaimed as “World’s Best Medical Spa” six time in a row at the World Spa Awards.

In July 2019, Lanserhof at The Arts Club opened on Dover Street in the heart of London, as part of a partnership with London’s legendary Private Members Club. In the state-of-the-art and unique, leading private wellness clinic, experts from the fields of general and preventive medicine, orthopaedics, cardiology, radio and sonology and sports medicine work hand in hand. The opening of Lanserhof Sylt in List, the first Lanserhof by the sea, is planned for Spring 2022.

A taste of Lanserhof

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