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Gabriella Smith

Gabriella has a remarkable decade of experience in both traditional and digital PR approaches, crafting engaging campaigns that secure high quality links for her clients.

Gabriella has collaborated with renowned names across diverse sectors such as travel and hospitality, food, HR and motoring. From the sun-kissed beaches of exotic destinations to the bustling streets of cosmopolitan cities, igniting success for major brands like Virgin, Snaptrip, and Villa Plus.

As a key member of the Lemongrass team, Gabriella is the driving force behind our cutting-edge digital PR strategies that fuel organic growth. Gabriella's creative campaigns have elevated the brand profile for the likes of Discover Africa, Travel Local, and SCHLOSS Roxburghe.

Gabriella's love for exploration extends beyond the office walls. You can find her embarking on culinary adventures, whipping up mouthwatering creations inspired by the pages of her favourite cookbooks. And when the stage lights up and the music starts playing, Gabriella is front and centre, embracing the vibrant energy of gigs and music festivals.